BMDs for Aug 26 – Sep 1


Sunday the 26th

1826: Julia (Bowe) Holmes Edson to Asa & Sabra (Strickland) Bowe in CT.

1855: Charles Bowe to Ozais & Frances (Burford) Bowe in Kanawha County, WV.

1903: Marion (Bow) Hammond to Orrin Wright & Nellie (Garner) Bow in WI.

Monday the 27th

1788: Lucy (Holbrook) Bowe wife of Daniel Bowe.  Daniel is the son of Daniel & Mary (Gaines) Bow.

1855: Frank Wheaton husband of Lavinia (Covell) Wheaton.  Lavinia is the daughter of Elijah & Mary (Bowe) Covell.

1923: Patritia (Bowe) Jones Cleary daughter of Clyde & Wyant (Wood) Bowe in Los Angeles County, CA.

1943: Pierre Boudreau son of Richard & Catherine (Bowe) Boudreau in Austin, MN.

Tuesday the 28th

1897: Marion (Harper) Stever daughter of John & Sarah (Bowe) Harper in MN.

1915: Alfred Basamania husband of Betty (Wolfe) Basamania.  Betty is the daughter of Thomas & Marguerite (Kimberly) Wolfe.

Wednesday the 29th

1730: Elizabeth (Turner) Roberts wife of Jacob Roberts.  Jacob is a son of David & Thankful (Bow) Roberts.

1766: Abigail (Bow) Lewis in Middletown, CT. Abigail is a daughter of Thaddeus & Mary (Haughton) Bow.

1870: Bennett Griffin husband of Caroline (Bowe) Griffin. Caroline is a daughter of William & Jane (Page) Bowe.

Thursday the 30th

1857: Warren Bowe son of Cornelius & Mary (Kirk) Bowe in Kanawha County, WV.

1863: Samuel Wing son of Charles & Nancy (Bowe) Wing in Terre Haute, IN.

1880: John McCammon first husband of Alice (Ensign) McCammon Hoyt.  Alice is the daughter of Alton & Ruby (Breckenridge) Ensign.

Friday the 31st

1878: Delos Case son of Hiram & Eunice (Harkness) Case in Bradford County, PA.

1879: Florence Cole daughter of William & Hattie (DeHart) Cole in DE.

Saturday the 1st



Sunday the 26th

1851: Louisa Wright and Daniel Bowe in Burlington, VT.  Daniel is a son of Daniel & Lucy (Holbrook) Bowe.

Monday the 27th

1852: Euretta Yeager and Seneca Bowe.  Seneca is a son of Edward & Peninah (Baker) Bowe.

1898: Mabel Bacone and George Bow in Chicago, IL. George is a son of George & Ella (Jewitt) Bow.

Tuesday the 28th

1854: Albert Taft and Asenath Bowe in Watertown, NY. Asenath is a daughter of Horace & Susan (Clark) Bowe.

1915: George Proudman and Mina Bow in Old Town, ME. Mina is a daughter of Leonard & Aurelia (Wharburton) Bow. A descendant of Jonathan Bow with uncertain connection to Alexander Bow.

Wednesday the 29th


Thursday the 30th

1920: Philip Wells and Ella Bowe in Norwich, CT.  Ella is the daughter of Albert Henry & Mary Matilda (LaRochelle) Bowe.  A descendant of Jonathan Bow with uncertain connection to Alexander Bow.

Friday the 31st


Saturday the 1st

1847: Caroline Eddy and LeRoy Bowe in Milford, NY.  LeRoy is the son of Edward & Peninah (Baker) Bowe.

1866: Eugene Fuller and Florence Bowe in Lanesborough, MA.  Florence is the daughter of Obadiah & Catherine (Weaver) Bowe.

1867: Caroline Snavely and Watson Bunnell in McLean County, IL. Watson is the son of Allen & Harriet (Johnson) Bunnell.

1918: Lola Potts and Harold Bowe in Amarillo, TX. Harold is the son of Franklin & Viola (Barnell) Bowe.


Sunday the 26th

1893: Stephen W. Bowe, age 17, accidentally drowned in Lake Erie at Cleveland, OH.  He is a son of  George & Ellen (Chapman) Bowe.

1923: Mary Ann (LeFevre) Bowe, age 79, in WI, wife of Francis Bowe.  Francis is a son of Anson & Julia (Smead) Bow.

1969: Ara Bowe Taft, age 85, in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada, son of Charles & Rocelia (Bowe) Taft.

1987: Stephen Bowe, age 79, in Modesto, CA, son of Stephen & Ida (Moles) Bowe.

Monday the 27th

1871: Cordelia (Pennock) Slade, age 38, in Bradford County, PA, daughter of Charles & Amorett (Bowe) Pennock.

1959: Ella Mae (Bowe) Wells Richard, age 62, in Norwich, CT, daughter of Albert Henry & Mary Matilda  (LaRochelle) Bowe.  A descendant of Jonathan Bow with uncertain connection to Alexander Bow.

Tuesday the 28th

1814: Mary (Butler) Gilbert, age 88, in New York, a daughter of Peter Butler & Phebe (Stow) Butler Hamlin.

1867: Abigail (Clark) Alvord, age 83, in Syracuse, NY, second wife of Anson Alvord.  Anson is a son of Thomas & Hannah (Bowe) Alvord.

1871: Merrit Graves, age 18, Central Square, NY, a son of Wesley & Sarah (Bowe) Graves.

1905: Cornelius Bowe, age 75, a son of James & Sarah (Day) Bowe.

1942: Arthur Bowe, age 66, a son of Russell & Meander (McElroy) Bowe.

1983: Col. Elbert Prichard, age 85, husband of Anna Bowe.  Anna is a daughter of Russell & Mary (Weyer) Bowe.

2002: Francis Tiden, age 90, first husband of Margaret Bowe. Margaret is a daughter of Lawrence & Florence (Beatty) Bowe.

Wednesday the 29th

1854: Parentha (Bowe) Wood, age 28, Woodville, NY, first wife of  Simeon Wood, daughter of Prosper & Lois (Batchelder) Bowe.

1881: William Bow, age 59, Lake George, NY, a son of Oliver & Eliza (Hitchcock) Bow.

1885: Weltha (Bowe) Fenton, age 79, a daughter of Asa & Wealthy (Webster) Bowe.

Thursday the 30th

1756: Edward Bow, age 36, Middletown, CT, a son of Edward & Anna (Prior) Bow.

1848: Elizabeth (Stowe) Bow, age 77, wife of Elijah Bow. Elijah is a son of Alexander & Prudence (Roberts) Bow

1926: Albert Bowe, age 70, Ravenna, OH, a son of Charles & Jerusha (Ferry) Bowe.

Friday the 31st

1954: Ida (Bowe) Wilcox, age 77, in Waterford, CT, a daughter of Eugene & Ella (Lester) Bowe. A descendant of Jonathan Bow with uncertain connection to Alexander Bow.

1987: Joyce (Stortroen) Bowe, age 67, Vallejo, CA, wife of Robert Bowe.  Robert is a son of Lucius & Agnes (Cleland) Bowe.

1991: Harriet (Bowe) Florent, age 90, a daughter of Isaac & Caroline (Unknown) Bowe.

Saturday the 1st

1807: Samuel Squire, age 70, in Durham, CT.  The second husband of Elizabeth (Bow) Sexton Squire.  Elizabeth is the daughter of Edward & Elizabeth (Roberts) Bow

1855: Ralph Bowe, age 29, Agawam, MA son of William & Harriet (Ashley) Bowe.

1887: Daniel Bowe, age 71, Northfield, MN, a son of Abner & Waite (Lippitt) Bowe.

1996: Iva (Lewis) Christianson, age 85, Valley County, MT, a daughter of Lyman & Flora (Bowe) Lewis.


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