BMDs for Sep 2 – 8


Sunday the 2nd

1909: Mildra Josephine Lewis in LaValle, Sauk Co., WI to Lyman & Flora (Bowe) Lewis.

Monday the 3rd

1740: Mary Butler in Middletown, CT to Joseph & Patience (Horton) Butler.  Mary is the wife of Stephen Bow who is the son of Alexander & Lydia (King) Bow.

1862: Lillian Noble in Delaware Co., IA to Albert & Lucy (Ruff) Noble.  Lillian is the wife of George Bow who is the son of Horace & Cynthia (Turner) Bow.

1906: Ida Bowe in Palo, IA to Arthur & Alberta (Walker) Bowe.

Tuesday the 4th

1772: Edward Roberts in Middletown, CT to William & Susanne (Collins) Roberts.  Edward is the husband of Mary Bow, a daughter of Edward & Anna (Prior) Bow.

1804: William Cornwall in New Lebanon, NY to Joseph & Mary (Gilbert) Cornwall.

1831: Augustus Bow in Middletown, CT to Obadiah & Nancy (Skinner) Bow.

1845: Hamlin Blackmarr to Ransom & Eliza (Bowe) Blackmarr.

1875: Grace Harkness in NY to John & Rosalie Harkness.

1876: George Edwin Bow in Hillsdale Co., MI to George & Ella (Jewitt) Bow.

Wednesday the 5th

1828: James Edgar Bowe in Tiffin, OH to Erastus & Eleanor (Swinnerton) Bowe

1881: John Hamilton Bowe in Chicago, IL to Charles Nelson & Lydia Harriet (Monks) Bowe.  A descendant of Charles & Mary (Blodgett) Bow with uncertain connection to Alexander Bow.

Thursday the 6th

1770: Prosper Bow in Middletown, CT to Alexander & Prudence (Roberts) Bow.

1799: Sally Bissell in CT to Orange & Sally (Guild) Bissell.  Sally is the second wife of Abner Bowe, the son of Edward & Ruth (Hubbard) Bow.

1854: Henry Cornell in Westchester Co., NY to Stephen & Catherine (Griffen) Cornell.  Henry is the husband of Mary Bowe, a daughter of Isaac &Charlotte (Benedict) Bowe.

1891: Sadie Underwood in Herkimer Co., NY to Jame & Lydia (Carpenter) Underwood.

1909: Grant William Bowe in St. Louis Co., MN to Walter & Olive (Graham) Bowe

1925: Adair Stortroen in Polk Co., MN to Ole & Asa (Admundson) Stortroen.  Adair is the wife of William Edward Bowe, a son of Lucius & Agnes (Cleland) Bowe.

1926: Agnes Geneva Monroe in Rains Co., TX to Lloyd & Lela (Workman) Monroe.

Friday the 7th

1804: Elisabeth Caroline Lewis in Middletown, CT to Jonathan & Abigail (Bow) Lewis.

1841: Melinda Eliza White in Pamelia, NY to Justus & Eliza White.  Melinda is the wife of Henry Bow, a son of Elijah & Sally (Lawton) Bow.

1855: Alden Allen in Fairview, MA to Alden & Maria (Briggs) Allen.  Allen is the third husband of Florence Bowe, a daughter of Obadiah & Catherine (Weaver) Bowe.

Saturday the 8th

1787: Asa Austin in Providence, RI to Ezekiel & Martha Austin.  Asa is the husband of Harriet Bowe, a daughter of Thaddeus & Mabel (Stowe) Bowe.

1808: Eliza Bowe in Rensselaer Co., NY to Elijah & Elizabeth (Stow) Bow.


Sunday the 2nd


Monday the 3rd

1839: Harriet Johnson and Allen Bunnell in Cornwall, CT.  Allen is the son of Allen & Clarissa (Alvord) Bunnell.

1905: John McCammon and Alice Ensign.  Alice is the daughter of Alton & Ruby (Breckenridge) Ensign.

1938: Richard Boudreau and Catherine Bowe.  Catherine is the daughter of Lucius & Agnes (Cleland) Bowe.

Tuesday the 4th

1755: Lucretia Rockwell and Samuel Stow in Middletown, CT.  Samuel is the son of Samuel & Mary (Ward) Stow.

1859: Joseph Gay and Catherine Bow in Vigo County, IN.  Catherine is the daughter of Peleg & Nancy (Bostwick) Bow.

Wednesday the 5th

1784: George Bridgham and Lydia Bow in Middletown, CT.  Lydia is the daughter of Alexander & Prudence (Roberts) Bow.

1855: Alba Sanger and Eunice Bowe in Lake County, IN.  Eunice is the daughter of Titus Bowe & his second wife Eunice (Merritt) Bowe.

Thursday the 6th

1781: Thomas Alvord and Hannah (Bow) Lucas in Middletown, CT.  Hannah is a daughter of Edward & Elizabeth (Roberts) Bow.

1808: Eli Harris and Mary “Polly” Pike in Middletown, CT.  Mary is the daughter of Charles & Lament (Bow) Pike.

Friday the 7th

1910: Katherine Daniels and Arthur Bowe in Denver, CO. Arthur is a son of Daniel & Lucy (Lord) Bowe.

1918:  Frederick Wedekind and Melinda Bow in Wellington, KS. Melinda is the only child of Henry Bow and his wife Melinda (White) Bow Mason.

Saturday the 8th



Sunday the 2nd

1908: George W. Bow, age 64, in East Cleveland OH.  Son of Oliver & Mariah (Jerome) Bow


Source (Note: wife & son’s surname are incorrect)

1909: Niles Barnard Eggleston, age 70, in Milford, Otsego Co., NY.  Niles is the husband of Bertha Bowe a daughter of Seneca & Euretta (Yager) Bowe.

Monday the 3rd

1876: Solomon W. Whitford, age 41, in Chautauqua Co., NY. Solomon is the husband of Sarah Morley a daughter of Villeus Morley & Rebecca (Bowe) Morley Badgley

1919: Lucy Eveline (Lord) Bowe, age 92, in Fergus Falls, Otter Tail Co., MN.  Lucy is the second wife of Daniel Elbert Bowe a son of Abner & Waite (Lippitt).

1975: Grace (Shepard) Bowe, age 93, in Ramsey Co., MN.  Grace is the wife of Ralph Everett Bowe, a son of Arthur & Hannah (Henderson) Bowe.

Tuesday the 4th

1854: Elijah Bow, age 85, in Jefferson Co., NY.  Elijah is the son of Alexander & Prudence (Roberts) Bow.

1855: Obadiah Bowe, age 85, in Middletown, CT. Obadiah is the son of Amos & Lydia (Allen) Bow.

Wednesday the 5th

1795: Rebecca (Evarts) Stone, age 79, in Guilford, CT.  She is the daughter of James & Anna (Bow) Evarts.

1930: Della (Unknown) Bowe, age 57, in San Diego, CA.  Della is the wife of Frederick Bowe, a son of Albert Bowe & his second wife Melissa (Russell) Straw Bowe.

1933: Frederick S. Bow, age 79. Fred is the son of Leonard Bow & his wife Aurelia (Wharburton) Bow BlawA descendant of Jonathan Bow with uncertain connection to Alexander Bow.

Thursday the 6th

1919: Oliver Paul Bowe, age 85, in Minneapolis, MN. Oliver is a son of Prosper & Lois (Batchelder) Bowe.

Emma (Bowe) Hoffman, age 97, in Cuyahoga Falls, OH.  Emma is the daughter of Abraham and Mary (Burns) Bowe.

1978: Lucy (Evans) Lenont McNicholas, age 92, in Seattle, WA.  Lucy is the daughter of Evan & Mary (Bowe) Evans.


Source (Note: age at death is incorrect)

1996: Edgar D. Stebbins, age 78, in Freeport, IL.  Edgar is the husband of Irene (Taft) Stebbins, a daughter of Charles & Genevieve (Niesen) Taft.

Friday the 7th

1889: Alice (Parker) Bowe, age 28, in Russell County, KS. Alice is the wife of Emory Bowe, a son of Russell Bowe and his first wife Rachel (Hollister) Bowe.

1950: Ruby (Breckenridge) Ensign, age 88, in Cincinnati, OH. Ruby is the wife of Alton Ensign, a son of Erie & Salina (Bowe) Ensign.

Saturday the 8th

1835: Nancy (Bostwick) Bow, age 38, in Pittsfield, VT.  Nancy is the first wife of Peleg Bow, a son of Daniel & Mary “Polly” (Gaines) Bow.

1904: Harriet (Bow) Cole, age 71, in Philadelphia, PA. Beside being the mother of 16 children, Harriet is a daughter of Oliver & Eliza (Hitchcock) Bow.

1906: Alden Allen, age 51, in Marlborough, MA of tuberculosis.  Allen is the third husband of Florence (Bowe) Fuller Hamblet Allen who is a daughter of Obadiah Bowe and his first wife Catherine (Weaver) Bowe.

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