BMDs for Sep 9-15


Sunday the 9th

1759: Mary daughter of William & Martha (Bowe) Ward and wife of Bradford Dickson

1844: Jane daughter of Austin & Adelia (Wetmore) Boyer and wife of Prosper Bowe

1900: Guy son of Stephen & Ida (Moles) Bowe

Monday the 10th

1674: Anna (also Hannah & Anner) daughter of Alexander & Rebeckah (Hughes) Bow and wife of James Evarts

1715: Rebecca daughter of James & Anna (Bow) Evarts and wife of Caleb Stone

1772: Harvey son of Isaac & Lucy (Stone) Evarts

1841: Mary daughter of Julius & Emeline (Bowe) Birge

Tuesday the 11th


Wednesday the 12th

1789: Fanny daughter of Moses & Bestsy (Willis) Hawkes and wife of Daniel Bowe

1790: Polly daughter of Stephen & Abigail (Bowden) Bow. Unproven Alexander Bow connection.

1800: Lucy daughter of Eli & Lois (Hayden) Rowell and wife of Jonathan Bow. Unproven Alexander Bow connection.

Thursday the 13th

1778: Lucinda daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth (Lee) Bowe

1856: Frederic son of Micajah & Sarah (Baker) Pride

1914: Ronald son of Hazelton & Josephine (Barendreght) Bowe

Friday the 14th

1767: William son of Seth & Anna (Brewster) Bowe

1845: William son of John & Desire (Cook) Carnrike and husband of Emily Bowe

Saturday the 15th

1867: Anna daughter of  Lysander & Elizabeth (McMartin) Bowe


Sunday the 9th

1814: Sarah (Fender) McCahan and James Bowe in Botetourte Co., VA

1841: Persis Allen and John Bowe in Windsor Co., VT

1933: Clifford McLean and Dorothy Bowe in King Co., WA

Monday the 10th

1849: Elliot Wilcox and Minerva Gates in PA

Tuesday the 11th

1906: Agnes Cleland and Lucius Bowe in Rice Co., MN

Wednesday the 12th

1796: Thomas Sutliff and Sarah Bowe in Middlesex Co., CT

1814: Phebe Nichols and William Bow in Berkshire Co., MA

1842: Ransom Blackmarr and Eliza Bowe in Trumbull Co., OH

1962: Clarence Christenson and Catherine (Bowe) Bousquet in Mower Co., MN

Thursday the 13th


Friday the 14th

1800: Wealthy Webster and Asa Bowe in CT

Saturday the 15th

1880: James Tyre and Eliza Cole in New Castle Co., DE


Sunday the 9th

1777: Achsah, age 7, son of Isaac & Lucy (Stone) Evarts

Monday the 10th

1787: Michael, age 1 day, son of Amos & Mary (Roberts) Bow

1827: Waite, age 40, daughter of Abraham & Sarah (Arnold) Lippitt and wife of Abner Bowe

1844: Mary (Doane) Alvord Bradley, age 84, remarried widow of Thomas Alvord

1888: Edmund Holden, age, 71, husband of Harriet Bow

1912: Rebecca, age 86, daughter of Amos & Abigail (Brown) Wells and wife of Ezra Walker

1919: Francis, age 78, son of John & Asenath (Curtice) Badgley and husband of Helen Bowe

1977: Edith, age 89, daughter of Arthur & Hannah (Henderson) Bowe and wife of August Loehwing

Tuesday the 11th

1760: James, age 48, son of Jonathan & Bethia (Nye) Hatch and second husband of Sybil (Evarts) Bristol Hatch

1777: Elias, age 30, son of Elias & Susanna (Ives) Roberts

1810: Timothy, age 73, son of Ebenezer & Comfort (Everest) Shelley and husband of Amy Bristol. Both Timothy and Amy are great grandchildren of Alexander & Rebeckah (Hughes) Bow.

Wednesday the 12th

1778: Edward, age 12, son of Alexander & Prudence (Roberts) Bow

1885: Amos, age 65, son of Amos & Priscilla (Payne) Bowe

1875: Ella, age 24, daughter of John & Martha (Finley) Hill and wife of George Cowles

1922: Fred, age 66, son of Frederick & Sophia (Deiunger) Wedekind and husband of Melinda Bow

2003: William, age 84, son of Ernest & Sarah (Johnston) Boyle

2010: Eleanor, age 79, daughter of Merritt & Lela Graham and wife of James Baldwin

Thursday the 13th

1813: Fanny, age 24, daughter of of Moses & Bestsy (Willis) Hawkes and wife of Daniel Bowe

1880: Hannah, age 80, daughter of Abraham & Elizabeth (Arnold) Bow and wife of Loomis Walker

1991: Henry, age 92, son of William & Frances (Bradley) Boynton

Friday the 14th

1898: Charles, age 45, son of Horace & Cynthia (Turner) Bow and husband of Winnie Rush

1965: Catherine, age 95, daughter of Charles & Nancy (Bowe) Wing

1967: Thelma, age 62, daughter of Benjamin & Ella (Cazier) Smith and third wife of George Bowe

Saturday the 15th

1743: Azubah, age 36, daughter of Joseph & Martha (Smith) Long and husband of Daniel Stow

1794: Reuben, age 74, son of Shubael & Mary (Bow) Shelley

1851: Lucy, age 69, daughter of Amos & Thankful (Egglestone) Bow

1865: Isaac, age 88. son of Isaac & Elizabeth (Lee) Bowe and husband of Eunice Cooley

1957: Ida, age 88, daughter of Eugene & Florence (Bowe) Fuller and wife of Fisher Quaintance

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