BMDs for 16-22 September


Sunday the 16th

1819: Micajah son of Eliphaz and Ruth (Bowe) Pride

1878: Charles son of Charles and Esther (Bowe) Taft

Monday the 17th

1744: William son of William and Martha (Bowe) Ward

1783: Anson son of Thomas and Hannah (Bowe) Alvord

Tuesday the 18th

1764: Mary daughter of Nathaniel and Mary (Butler) Gilbert

Wednesday the 19th

1768: Frederic son of Isaac and Lucy (Stone) Evarts

1867: William son of Edgar and Mary (Bowe) Boynton

1905: Louise Freihube wife of Leon Bowe

Thursday the 20th

1669: John Evarts husband of Mary Bow

1785: Curtis son of Amos and Thankful (Egglestone) Bow

1866: Adelaide Zickerick wife of Ned Gould

1876: Frank son of William and Mary (Blackmarr) Jackson

1908: Lela Workman wife of Lloyd Monroe

Friday the 21st

1728: Peleg son of Alexander and Lydia (King) Bowe

1836: James son of Alanson and Eliza (Bow) Corbin

Saturday the 22nd

1706: Elijah Brainerd husband of Phebe Davis

1751: Mabel daughter of Edward and Elizabeth (Roberts) Bowe

1799: Emilia daughter of Thaddeus and Mabel (Stowe) Bowe

1868: Ida daughter of Eugene and Florence (Bowe) Fuller


Sunday the 16th

1849: Elizabeth Bowe and Hiram Francis in Hampden County, Massachusetts

1931: Clarence Boynton and Ima Moore in Bedford County, Pennsylvania

Monday the 17th

1794: Lydia Bow and Levi Cromwell in Berkshire County, Massachusetts

1848: Parentha Bowe and Simeon Wood in Jefferson County, New York

Tuesday the 18th

1811: Rosanna Bow and Roswell Stocking in Berkshire County, Massachusetts

1894: Isabelle Bowe and James Briggs in Cerro Gordo County, Iowa

Wednesday the 19th

1784: Lament Bow and Charles Pike in Middlesex County, Connecticut

1785: Jacob Bow and Zeruiah Brainard in Middlesex County, Connecticut

1872: Daniel Bowe and Harriet Hosley in St. Joseph County, Michigan

Thursday the 20th

1759: Rebeckah Butler and Allen Gilbert in Middlesex County, Connecticut

1857: Mabel Bowe and William Kimberley in Cuyahoga County, Ohio

Friday the 21st

1727: Alexander Bow and Lydia King in Middlesex County, Connecticut

Saturday the 22nd

1902: Herbert Bowe and Mattie Bolton in Johnson County, Iowa

1928: Robert Bow and Tui Leigh in San Bernadino County, California

1955: Mildra Lewis and Dominick LaRosa in Cascade County, Montana


Sunday the 16th

1830: Keturah (Lindsley) Roberts, age 62, wife of Amasa in Madison County, New York

1857: Warren, age 17 days, son of Cornelius and Polly (Kirk) Bowe in Kanawha County, West Virginia

1859: Lois (Batchelder) Bowe, age 54, wife of Prosper in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

1987: Robert, age 54, son of Elbert and Anna (Bowe) Prichard in Monona County, Iowa

Monday the 17th

1725: Edward, age 32, son of Samuel and Mary (Turner) Bowe in Middlesex County, Connecticut

1842: Lyman, age 3, son of Gideon and Abigail (Bowe) Thorp in New Haven County, Connecticut

1999: Carrie (Severson) Bowe, age 71, wife of Donald Bowe in Ramsey County, Minnesota

Tuesday the 18th

1907: Eunice (Bowe) Sanger, age 76, daughter of Titus and Eunice (Merritt) Bowe in Elk County, Kansas

Wednesday the 19th

1821: Walter, age 8 months, son of George and Frances (Bagg) Bowe in Berkshire County, Massachusetts

1831: Salome, age 2 months, daughter of Alanson and Eliza (Bowe) Corbin in Jefferson County, New York

1838: Phebe (Stow) Cornwell Clark, age 100, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Ward) Stow in Middlesex County, Connecticut

Thursday the 20th

1843: Mabel (Stowe) Bowe, age 46, wife of Thaddeus in Hampden County, Massachusetts

1862: Joseph, age 80, son of Joseph and Mary (Bowe) Copely in Knox County, Illinois

2006: Dorothy (Bowe) Winkelman, age 93, daughter of Hazelton and Josephine (Barendrecht) Bowe in Spokane County, Washington

Friday the 21st


Saturday the 22nd

1845: Mabel, age 74, daughter of Seth and Anna (Brewster) Bowe in Hartford County, Connecticut

1868: Harriet (Bowe) Hamlen, age 36, daughter of Horace and Susan (Clark) Bowe in Berrien County, Michigan

1910: Benjamin Green, age 95, husband of Lydia (Pride) Green in Essex County, New Jersey

1952: Harley Williams, age 75, husband of Nina (Bowe) Williams in Gratiot County, Michigan

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