BMDs for September 23-29


Sunday the 23rd

1735: Edward son of Edward & Phebe (Stow) Hamlin

1782: Silas Lawrence future husband of Sarah Bow

1821: Orrin son of Caleb & Sally (Wing) Bow

1836: Emeline daughter of Samuel & Eliza (Bowe) Gates

1873: Elbert son Silas & Mary (Luther) Bowe

1887: Fanny daughter of William & Nancy (Bow) Boyle

Monday the 24th

1796: Julius Birge future husband of Emeline Bowe

1796: Peleg son of Daniel & Mary (Gaines) Bow

1807: William son of Isaac & Eunice (Cooley) Bowe

1878: Milton Criger future husband of Carrie Elliot

Tuesday the 25th

1832: Elizabeth daughter of Alanson & Eliza (Bow) Corbin

1908: George Holland future husband of Marjorie Bowe

1921: Lillian daughter of Albert & Bernadette (Marc Aurele) Bowe

1928: Kenneth son of Kenneth & Alice (Maas) McKnight

Wednesday the 26th

1810: Cornelius son of Joseph & Mary (Gilbert) Cornwall

1849: Herbert son of Orrin & Lydia (Morse) Bow

1865: Cora daughter of Arthur & Eliza (Gardiner) Bowe

1882: Ralph son of Arthur & Hannah (Henderson) Bowe

Thursday the 27th

1760: Amos son of Samuel & Desire (Candee) Stow

1862: Perley son of Newton & Helen (Bow) Hall

1925: Philip son of Ludvick & Gertrude (Johnson) Bowe

Friday the 28th


Saturday the 29th

1796: Nathaniel son of Joseph & Mary (Gilbert) Cornwall

1855: William son of James & Martha (Bowe) Cumbey

1887: Philip Stone future husband of Fanny Boyle

1921: Patricia daughter of Lynn & Selma (Johnson) Bowe


Sunday the 23rd

1911: Eleanor Alwis & Charles Boyle in Fitchburg, MA

Monday the 24th

1873:Anna Sheibley & Charles Bowe in Seneca County, OH

1877: Hiram Case & Eunice Harkness  in Bradford County, PA

1898: Alden Allen & Florence Bowe in Boston, MA

Tuesday the 25th

1842: Mary Hart & Erastus Bowe in Tiffin, OH

1893: Nellie Garner & Orrin Bow in Kingston, OH

Wednesday the 26th


Thursday the 27th


Friday the 28th

1826: Therza Eaton & Oliver Bowe in New Lisbon, NY

Saturday the 29th

1763: Mary Haughton & Thaddeus Bow in Middletown, CT

1852: Soloman Henyette & Ellen Bowe in Seneca County, OH

1942: Vernon Kluender & Betty Bowe in Lake Benton, MN


Sunday the 23rd

1846: Julius Birge, age 49, husband of Emeline (Bowe) Birge

1847: Cordelia, young, daughter of Daniel & Esther (Herrick) Bowe

1875: Lela, age 3 months, daughter of George & Ella (Hill) Cowles

Monday the 24th

1732: Peter Butler, age 32, first husband of Phebe (Stow) Hamlin

1851: Herbert, age 1, son of Orrin & Lydia (Morse) Bow

1872: James, age 39, son of Oliver & Harriet (Bunnell) Smith

Tuesday the 25th

1859: Anna (Ballou) Cross, age 39, first wife of Sidney Cross

1860: Elijah, age 68, son of Elijah & Elizabeth (Stowe) Bow

1908: Byron Tuttle, age, 83, husband of Candace (Smith) Tuttle

1909: Fannie, age 71, wife of Henry Bowe

1935: Edwin, age 58, son of Romanzo & Lydia (Gates) Bowe

2011: Alan, age 50, son of Granville & Carol (Boynton) Chenault

Wednesday the 26th

1743: Comfort, age 37, first wife of Ebenzer Shelley

1872: Augustus, age 41, son of Obadiah & Nancy (Skinner) Bowe

1893: Lydia, age 67, wife of Orrin Bowe

1903: Eliza, age 67, wife of George Austin

1915: William Kimberley, age 55, second husband of Mabel Bowe

1941: George, age 60, son of George & Frances (Carpenter) Bowe

Thursday the 27th

1827: Elizabeth, age 58, wife of Abraham Bow

1965: Clara, age 60, daughter of Robert & Sarah (Gordon) Bow

Friday the 28th

1828: Thaddeus, age 67, son of Peleg & Mary (Woodard) Bow

Saturday the 29th

1842: George, infant, son of Allen & Harriet (Johnson) Bunnell

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