BMDs for Oct 7 – 13


Sunday the 7th

1841: Samuel son of Leverett & Sarah (Field) Bristol in Guilford, Connecticut

1892: Ramona daughter of Frederick & Della Bowe in California

Monday the 8th

1863: Ernest son of Lewis & Catherine (Bow) Rosenburgh in York, New York

1930: James son of Amos & Mildra (Lewis) Baldwin in Poplar, Montana

Tuesday the 9th


Wednesday the 10th

1768: Amos son of Amos & Lydia (Allen) Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1769: Jonathan son of William & Hannah (Mather) Lewis in Middletown, Connecticut; future husband of Abigail Bow

1810: Mary daughter of Obadiah & Hester (Markham) Bowe in Middletown, Connecticut

1879: Levi son of Adolphus & Esther (Bowe) Taft in Rice County, Minnesota

Thursday the 11th

1835: Sarah daughter of Charles & Melissa (Carroll) Bennett in New York; future wife of Ferdinand Bowe

1864: Mary daughter of George & Sarah (Westcott) Whipple in Adams, Massachusetts; future wife of Clinton Vivian

1932: Raymond son of James & Margaret (Anderson) Gallup in Alberta, Canada; future husband of Sylvia Taft

Friday the 12th

1829: Arthur son of Peleg & Nancy (Bostwick) Bowe in Pittsfield, Vermont

1847: Arthur son of Daniel & Lucy (Lord) Bowe in Orwell, Ohio

1904: Thelma daughter of Benjamin & Ella (Cazier) Smith in Alberta, Canada; future wife of George Bowe

Saturday the 13th

1755: Asher son of William & Martha (Bowe) Ward in Middletown, Connecticut

1787: Hannah daughter of Amasa & Hannah (Allen) Slayton in Woodstock, Vermont; future wife of Amos Bowe

1799: Harriet daughter of Soloman & Caroline (Rogers) Ashley in West Springfield, Massachusetts; future wife of William Bowe

1833: Nancy daughter of Peleg & Nancy (Bostwick) Bowe in Pittsfield, Vermont

1907: Charles son of Enos & Cora (Bowe) Beasley in Kanawha County, West Virginia

1924: Rea son of Ernest & Lucy (Bowe) Bousquet in Saskatchewan, Canada

1924: Roy son of Ernest & Lucy (Bowe) Bousquet in Saskatchewan, Canada


Sunday the 7th

1714: Hannah West & Samuel Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

Monday the 8th


Tuesday the 9th

1873: Matilda Motley & Thomas Cumbey in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

1878: Hattie Campbell & William Cole in an unknown location

1940: Oletta Severson & Francis Bowe in Dennison, Minnesota

Wednesday the 10th

1849: John Cole & Harriet Bow in an unknown location

Thursday the 11th

1732: Mary Ward & Samuel Stow in Middletown, Connecticut

Friday the 12th


Saturday the 13th

1836: Rachel Hollister & Russell Bowe in Batavia, New York

1850: Elijah Covell & Mary Bowe in Tolland, Connecticut

1948: Fred Stever & Marion Harper in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Sunday the 7th

1756: Hannah West, age 62, wife of Samuel Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1805: Elizabeth Roberts, age 83, wife of Edward Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1863: Martha, age 7 months, daughter of Daniel & Lucy (Lord) Bowe in Northfield, Minnesota

1874: Alexander, age 66, son of Isaac & Eunice (Cooley) Bowe in Rockwell, Iowa

1926: Elbert, age 75, son of Daniel & Lucy (Lord) Bowe in Dakota County, Minnesota

1953: Elizabeth Donnan, age 91, daughter of Lysander & Elizabeth (McMartin) Bow

2015: George Navarre, age 86, husband of Barbara Hanson in Panama City, Florida

Monday the 8th

1850: Sarah Sutliff, age 76, daughter of Seth & Anna (Brewster) Bow in Fulton County, New York

1906: Charles, age 34, son of Eugene & Florence (Bowe) Fuller in Brooklyn, New York

1987: John Heinrich, age 71, husband of Ernestine Loehwing in San Joaquin County, California

Tuesday the 9th

1853: Sarah, age 19, daughter of Loomis & Hannah (Bow) Walker in Genesee County, New York

1880: Florence, age 1, daughter of William & Hattie (Campbell) Cole

1992: Orpha Kandes, age 84, daughter of Albert & Jane (Evans) Bowe in Ravenna, Ohio

Wednesday the 10th

1853: Elijah Covell, age 23, husband of Mary Bowe in Hartford County, Connecticut

1936: Alexander Gilmer, age 67, husband of Gertrude Bowe in Monroe, Washington

1987: Robert, age 64, son of Guy & Mary (Rice) Taft in Cagliari, Italy

Thursday the 11th

1892: Elijah, age 62, son of Elijah & Sally (Lawton) Bowe in Hannibal, Missouri

1941: Lewis, age 71, son of James & Mary (Slater) Bowe in Prenter, West Virginia

2007: Joseph, age 62, son of Robert & Joyce (Stortoen) Bowe in Alameda County, California

Friday the 12th

1954: Mary Waite, age 75, wife of Franklin Bowe in Sedro-Woolley, Washington

1985: Lola Potts, age 83, wife of Harold Bowe in Abilene, Texas

Saturday the 13th

1868: Jesse Smith, age 63, husband of Clarissa Lewis in Lisle, New York

1892: Henry, age 72, son of Elijah & Sally (Lawton) Bowe in Lockport, New York

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