BMDs for October 14th – 20th


Sunday the 14th

1854: James son of  John & Harriet (Bowe) Cole

1857: John Donnan future husband of Elizabeth Bow

Monday the 15th

1872: Frank Read future husband of Susan Bowe

1903: Clarence Christianson future husband of Adeline Lewis

1934: Clara Tuggle future wife of Neil Boynton

Tuesday the 16th

1762: Rebeckah daughter of Samuel & Desire (Candee) Stow

1762: Zaccheus son of Samuel & Desire (Candee) Stow

1855: Flora daughter of Benjamin & Lydia (Pride) Green

1869: Catherine daughter of Charles & Nancy (Bowe) Wing

1869: Mary daughter of Charles & Nancy (Bowe) Wing

1892: Marguerite daughter of William & Mabel (Bowe) Kimberley

1899: Florence daughter of Ora & Clara (Parker) Bow

1903: George Beldam future husband of Clara Bow

1918: William son of Ernest & Sarah (Johnston) Boyle

Wednesday the 17th

1773: Eunice Cooley future wife of Isaac Bowe

1818: Eunice Green future wife of Seneca Bowe

1826: Reuben son of Oliver & Louisa (Unknown) Bowe

1846: Harriet Hosley future wife of Daniel Bowe

1894: Clyde son of Carson & Maria (Gibson) Bowe

Thursday the 18th

1817: Hiram son of Major & Abigail (Bowe) Polly

1837: George Miller future husband of Lavinia Bow

1882: Robert son of Charles & Esther (Bowe) Taft

1902: Irene daughter of Hazelton & Josephine (Barendreght) Bowe

Friday the 19th

1853: Benjamin son of Micajah & Sarah (Baker) Pride

1858: Henry Baker future husband of Mabel Bowe

1882: Vernon son of Emery & Alice (Parker) Bowe

1905: Tui Leigh future wife of Robert Bow

1928: George Navarre future husband of Barbara Hanson

Saturday the 20th

1740: Amos son of Amos & Tabitha (Bevins) Bow

1811: Charles son of Charles & Lydia (Bill or Bills) Bow

1859: Martha daughter of Ozias & Frances (Burford) Bowe


Sunday the 14th

1810: Major Polly & Abigail Bowe

1824: Horace Dickinson & Elisabeth Lewis

1877: Samuel Gardner & Clara Sanger

Monday the 15th

1755: Darius Weston & Lydia Bowe

1872: Harriet Cowles & William Boyle

Tuesday the 16th

1783: Mabel Stowe & Thaddeus Bowe

1826: Charles Taylor & Catherine Bigelow

Wednesday the 17th

1817: Mary Bow & Daniel Bowe (first cousins)

Thursday the 18th

1785: Elizabeth Arnold & Abraham Bow

1883: Frank Hunt & Anna Bowe

1887: Mary Whitney & Myron Bowe

Friday the 19th

1843: Sarah Baker & Micajah Pride

1876: Mary Phillips & Elbert Bowe

Saturday the 20th

1847: Franklin Holmes & Julia Bowe


Sunday the 14th

1895: Albert, age 25, son of Austin & Hannah (Morgan) Bowe

Monday the 15th

1885: Henry Adams, age 86, husband of Louisa Pride

1953: Jesse, age 56, son of James & Lettie (Elswick) Bowe

1954: Myrtle, age 76, daughter of Prosper & Jane (Boyer) Bowe

Tuesday the 16th

1949: Walter, age 67, son of William & Catherine (Butler) Bowe

Wednesday the 17th


Thursday the 18th

1818: Samuel, age 29, son of Samuel & Hulda (Evarts) Bristol

1827: Samuel, age 76, son of Peleg & Mary (Woodward) Bowe

1874: Mary, age 5 months, daughter of Daniel & Harriet (Hosley) Bowe

1881: David Gardner, age 86, husband of Ruth Bowe

1937: Herbert, age 66, son of John & Henrietta (Bowe) Lonsdale

Friday the 19th

1827: Anna, age 16, daughter of Erastus & Eleanor (Swinnerton) Bowe

1917: Edwin, age 92, son of Erastus & Eleanor (Swinnerton) Bowe

1927: William, age 66, son of Oliver & Mariah (Jerome) Bow

1967: Mars Graves, age 77, husband of Edith Harper

Saturday the 20th

1750: Amos, age 35, son of Samuel & Hannah (West) Bow

1800: Daniel, age 21, son of Daniel & Mabel (Bowe) Starr

1866: Alexander, age 39, son of Silas & Sarah (Bow) Lawrence

1902: Candace, age 72, daughter of Oliver & Harriet (Bunnell) Smith

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