BMDs for October 21st – 27th


Sunday the 21st

1722: John son of John & Mary (Bow) Johnson in Middletown, Connecticut

1814: Seneca son of Edward & Peninah (Baker) Bowe in Otsego County, New York

1841: Virginia daughter of Bejamin & Lydia (Pride) Green in Mixville, New York

1859: Carrie daughter of John & Adelia (Bowe) Vivian in St. Lawrence County, New York

1885: Ether daughter of Jesse & America (Bowe) Hagewood in Cheatham County, Tennessee

Monday the 22nd

1746: Edward son of William & Martha (Bowe) Ward in Middlefield, Connecticut

1903: Clarence son of Raymond & Alice (Daniels) Boynton in West Chicago, Illinois

Tuesday the 23rd

1698: Thankful daughter of Samuel & Mary (Turner) Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1744: Daniel son of Nathan & Phebe (Bowe) Miller in Middletown, Connecticut

1841: Nina daughter of Abner & Sally (Bissell) Bowe in North Bloomfield, Ohio

1842: Lewis son of Gideon & Abigail (Bowe) Thorp in Meriden, Connecticut

1910: Norman son of Raymond & Alice (Daniels) Boynton in West Chicago, Illinois

Wednesday the 24th

1741: Thadeus son of Alexander & Lydia (King) Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1778: Elisha son of Amos & Thankful (Egglestone) Bowe in Middletown, Connecticut

1803: Eliza daughter of Asa & Wealthy (Webster) Bowe in East Windsor Hill, Connecticut

Thursday the 25th

1692: Alexander son of Samuel & Mary (Turner) Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1692: Edward son of Samuel & Mary (Turner) Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1808: Lorenzo son of Aaron & Rachel (Fuller) Lane in New York. Future husband of Zilpha Bow.

1913: Bernadine daughter of Ervin & Mary (Little) Fisher.  Future wife of William Florent.

Friday the 26th

1855: Catherine daughter of Lysander & Elizabeth (McMartin) Bow in New York

1870: Lillian daughter of Orrin & Lydia (Morse) Bow in Kingston, Wisconsin

1880: Julia daughter of Prosper & Jane (Boyer) Bowe in Watervliet, Michigan

1885: Agnes daughter of Francis & Martha (Dixon) Cleland in Dundas, Minnesota. Future wife of Lucius Bowe.

Saturday the 27th

1814: Henry son of Edward & Eunice (Belden) Cone in Middletown, Connecticut.  Future husband of Mary Bowe.

1817: Lyman son of Oliver & Louisa Bowe in West Springfield, Massachusetts

1844: Ellen daughter of Joseph & Elizabeth (Boszor) Chapman in Brimfield, Ohio. Future wife of George Bow.

1908: Lucille daughter of August & Helen (Christians) Kerber in Detroit, Michigan. Future wife of Malcolm Weaver.


Sunday the 21st

1742: Nathan Miller & Phebe Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1773: John Lucas & Hannah Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1885: Anna Warner & John Bow in Livingston County, New York

1898: Anna Helfinger & Charles Bowe in Mahoning County, Ohio

Monday the 22nd

1913: Albert Davis & Cora Bowe in Wabasha County, Minnesota

Tuesday the 23rd

1935: Anna Tix & Dean Bowe in Hampton, Minnesota

Wednesday the 24th


Thursday the 25th

1845: Lydia Morse & Orrin Bow

Friday the 26th

1834: Vileus Morley & Rebecca Bowe

1881: Evan Evans & Mary Bowe in Northfield, Minnesota

Saturday the 27th



Sunday the 21st

1895: Helen Hall, age 55, daughter of Elijah & Sally (Lawton) Bowe in Morgan County, Alabama

1920: Florence Fuller Hamblet Allen, age 82, daughter of Obadiah & Catherine (Weaver) Bowe in Brockton, Massachusetts

1944: Sevrenius, age 63, son of Charles & Esther (Bowe) Taft in Hennepin County, Minnesota

1992: Russell, age 66, son of Sevrenius & Hilda (Olson) Taft in Hennepin County, Minnesota

2013: Oletta Severson, age 93, wife of Frank Bowe in South St. Paul, Minnesota

Monday the 22nd

1999: Alice, age 88, wife of Dan Bowe in Red Wing, Minnesota.  My grandmother.

Tuesday the 23rd

1753: Elizabeth Parmalee, age 48, daughter of James & Anna (Bow) Evarts in Guilford, Connecticut

1869: Emilia Cooper, age 70, daughter of Thaddeus & Mabel (Stowe) Bowe in Agawam, Massachusetts

1879: Levi, age 13 days, son of Charles & Esther (Bowe) Taft in Bridgewater, Minnesota

1898: Clifford, age 38, son of Allen & Mary (Coe) Bowe in North Farms, Connecticut

1955: Mary Bowden, age 89, wife of Charles Bow in Perry, New York

Wednesday the 24th

1903: William Boyle, age 54, husband of Nancy Bow in Westfield, Massachusetts

2014: Lynn, age 89, son of Lynn & Selma (Johnson) Bowe in St. Cloud, Minnesota

Thursday the 25th

1921: Cyrus Weaver, age 50, husband of Elizabeth Bowe in Niles, Michigan

Friday the 26th

1821: Mary, age 29, daughter of Daniel & Mary (Gaines) Bowe in Pittsfield, Vermont

1975: Wilmer, age 79, son of William & Lelia (Grubbs) Bowe in Morgan County, Alabama

Saturday the 27th

1865: Benjamin, age 21, son of Jabez & Ruth (Jones) Bow in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

1876: Nellie, age 8, daughter of Isaac & Charlotte (Benedict) Bowe in Norwalk, Connecticut

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