BMDs for October 28th – November 3rd


Sunday the 28th

1859: Fisher son of Dawson & Catherine (Ferrall) Quaintance in Newton, Iowa.  Future husband of Ida Fuller.

1911: Ethel daughter of Elbert & Hattie (Curtis) Bowe in Huron, South Dakota

Monday the 29th

1720: William son of William & Mary (Harris) Ward in Middletown, Connecticut.  Future husband of  Martha Bowe.

1832: Lois daughter of Prosper & Lois (Batchelder) Bowe in Jefferson County, New York.

1881: Clare son of Adelbert & Alice (Ensign) Bailey in Jewell County, Kansas

Tuesday the 30th

1805: Mary daughter of Isaac & Eunice (Cooley) Bowe in West Springfield, Massachusetts

1848: Sarah daughter of Doctor & Martha (Bowe) Cumbey in Spotsylvania County, Virginia

1850: Melodia daughter of Ransom & Eliza (Bowe) Blackmarr in Sinclairville, New York

1853: Stephen son of Edmund & Harriet (Bow) Holden in McHenry County, Illinois

1884: Mark son of William & Cyndy (Meadows) Mullins in Kanawha County, West Virginia.  Future husband of Cora Bowe.

Wednesday the 31st

1753: Jonathan son of Jared & Elizabeth (Center) Miller in Middletown, Connecticut.  Future husband of Anna Weston.

1822: Adelia daughter of Elijah & Sally (Lawton) Bowe in Jefferson County, New York

1880: Bayard son of William & Hattie (Campbell) Cole in Wilmington, Deleware

1881: Ormond son of James & Adeline (McDonough) Smith in South Haven, Michigan.  Future husband of Julia Bowe

Thursday the 1st

1728: Rebecca daughter of Peter & Phebe (Stow) Butler in Middletown, Connecticut

1777: Seth son of Seth and Anna (Brewster) Bowe in Middletown, Connecticut

1791: George son of Joseph & Mary (Gilbert) Cornwall in New Lebanon, New York

1808: Emeline daughter of Asa & Wealthy (Webster) Bowe in East Windsor Hill, Connecticut

1808: Doctor son of unknown Cumbey parents in Halifax County, Virginia.  Future husband of Martha Bowe.

1833: John son of Lorenzo & Zilpha (Bowe) Lane in Otsego County, New York

1906: Marie daughter of Philip & Anna (Ludwig) Tix in Hampton, Minnesota.  Future wife of Dean Bowe.

Friday the 2nd

1708: Anne daughter of Thomas & Rebeckah (Bow) Stow in Middletown, Connecticut

1833: Linn son of William & Sarah (Bowe) Carpenter in Holmesville, New York

Saturday the 3rd

1824: William son of Peleg & Nancy (Bostwick) Bowe in Pittsfield, Vermont


Sunday the 28th

1761: Timothy Shelley and Amy Bristol in Guilford, Connecticut (They are first cousins)

1880: John Hirst and Mary Bowe in Tiffin, Ohio

Monday the 29th

1902: William Dodge and Lodescia Bowe in Rockwell, Iowa

Tuesday the 30th

1755: Prudence Roberts/Robberds and Alexander Bowe in Middletown, Connecticut

1898: Clara Parker and Ora Bow in Marcellus, Michigan

Wednesday the 31st

1743: Grace Morris and John Johnson in Woodstock, Connecticut

1860: Joseph Wolcott and Harriet Bowe in Agawam, Massachusetts

1917: Florence Beatty and Lawrence Bowe in Richmond, Virginia

Thursday the 1st


Friday the 2nd

1788: Eber Norton and Mabel Evarts in Guilford, Connecticut

1890: Mae Kinney and Judson Gates in Dunn County, Wisconsin

1892: Clara Hart and Edward Bow in Brooklyn, New York

Saturday the 3rd

1763: George Saxton and Elizabeth Bow in Middle Haddam, Connecticut

1888: JBL Howard and Alceneth Bow in Wichita, Kansas


Sunday the 28th

1781: Mary (Haughton) Bow Cady Nancarro, age 37, in Middletown, Connecticut.  Wife of Thadeus Bow.

1821: Desire (Candee) Stow, age 93, in Middletown, Connecticut.  Second wife of Samuel Stow.

1880: Horace Bowe, age 77, in Watervliet, Michigan

1988: Mae (Osen) Harper, age 92, in Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. Wife of Elwood Harper.

Monday the 29th

1886: Erastus Bowe, age 68, in Seneca County, Ohio

1931: Adelaide (Bowe) Stilson, age 82, in Otsego, New York

1939: Charles Taft, age 61, in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota

1942: Samuel Eikenbery, age 89, in California. Husband of Lillian Bowe.

Tuesday the 30th

1862: Daniel Bowe, age 29, in New York City, New York

Wednesday the 31st

1903: William Jackson, age, in Oil City, Pennsylvania. Husband of Cordelia Blackmarr.

1909: Ezra Walker, age 85, in Pavilion, New York

1942: George Lenont, age 73, in Seattle, Washington.  First husband of Lucy Evans.

1995: Vivian (Lundquist) Bowe, age 82, in Ramsey County, Minnesota. First wife of Rudolph Bowe.

2002: Elisabeth (Bobbitt) Wolfe, age 86, in Wailuku, Hawaii. Wife of Thomas Wolfe.

Thursday the 1st

1849: Ruth (Bowe) Gardner, age 66, in Otsego County, New York

1895: William Bunnell, age 53, in Denver, Colorado

1904: Elizabeth (Bowe) Weaver, age 31, in Alva, Oklahoma

1970: Ralph Underwood, age 70, in New York

1986: Dorothy (Towles) Boynton, age 75, in Roanoke, Virginia. Second wife of Henry Boynton.

Friday the 2nd

1917: Eva (Denney) Bowe, age 26, in Tucumcari, New Mexico.  First wife of Harold Bowe.

Saturday the 3rd

1843: Mary Bowe, age 14 months, in Troy, New York

1887: Lucille (Tryon) Bow, age 71, in Middletown, Connecticut.  Wife of William Bow.

1915: George Bowe, age 26, in Cushing, Oklahoma

1941: Alice (Wheeler) Molineux, age 73, in Utica, New York

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