BMDs for November 4 – 10


Sunday the 4th

1821: Daniel son of Daniel & Lucy (Holbrook) Bowe in Pittsfield, Vermont.

Monday the 5th

1665: Mary daughter of Edward & Mary (Sanford) Turner in Middletown, Connecticut. Future wife of Samuel Bow.

1809: Susan daughter of Seth & Asenath (Corbin) Clark in New York.  Future wife of Horace Bowe.

1874: Charles son of Wiliam & Sarah (Bowe) Carpenter in New Berlin, New York.

1892: Lucille daughter of Edwin & Blanche (Hall) Guertin in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

1910: Ida Wegner in Clara City, Minnesota. Future wife of Roy Taft.

Tuesday the 6th

1843: Fletcher son of Ransom & Eliza (Bowe) Blackmarr.

1886: Dr. Josephine Hoffman future wife of Egbert Bowe.

Wednesday the 7th


Thursday the 8th

1849: Orange son of Stephen & Mary (Bowe) Harkness in Springfield, Pennsylvania.

Friday the 9th

1769: Wealthy daughter of Samuel & Lucy (Bissell) Webster. Future wife of Asa Bowe.

1855: Lewis Rosenburgh future husband of Catherine Bow.

1870: Emma daughter of Martin & Alice (Stevens) Morrison in Kansas City, Missouri.  Future wife of Ernest Cornell.

Saturday the 10th

1783: Abigail daughter of Caleb & Hope (Jackson) Clark in Castleton, Vermont. Future wife of Anson Alvord.

1785: Abner son of Edward & Ruth (Hubbard) Bowe in Thetford, Vermont.

1847: Lurenda daughter of Erastus & Margaret (Aulger) Bowe in Ohio.

1877: Myrtle daughter of Prosper & Jane (Boyer) Bowe in Watervliet, Michigan.

1896: Harry son of Lewis & Martha Bowe in Kanawha County, West Virginia


Sunday the 4th

1860: Alice Stoddard & Russell Bowe

Monday the 5th

1839: Julius Birge & Emeline Bowe

Tuesday the 6th

1840: Mary Burns & Abraham Bow

1855: Lorenzo Fox & Lois Bowe

1915: Elva Simmons & Ora Bowe

Wednesday the 7th


Thursday the 8th


Friday the 9th

1742: William Ward & Martha Bowe

1887: Viola Barnell & Franklin Bowe

1940: John Heinrich & Ernestine Loehwing

Saturday the 10th

1743: Mary Goff & Eleazer Bowe

1830: Sarah Butler & Jacob Bow

1882: John Proctor & Amanda Bowe


Sunday the 4th

1824: William, age 1 day, son of Peleg & Nancy (Bostwick) Bowe in Pittsfield, Vermont

1863: Charles, age 34, son of Abner & Sally (Bissell) Bowe in Georgetown, Washington DC

1896: Eurilla Gaylor, age 68, wife of William Bow in Brooklyn, New York

Monday the 5th

1828: Martha (Bigelow) Williams, age 37, daughter of Elisha & Patience (Bow) Bigelow in Hartford, Connecticut.

1867: George, age 76, son of Joseph & Mary (Gilbert) Cornwall

1951: Ann (Winthrow) Bow, age 81, wife of Charles Bow

Tuesday the 6th

1678: Alexander Bow, our Bow/Bowe progenitor, in Middletown, Connecticut.

1769: Sybil (Evarts) Bristol Hatch, age 49, daughter of James & Anna (Bow) Evarts

1859: Micajah, age 40, son of Eliphaz & Ruth (Bowe) Pride

1918: Charles, age 63, son of Ozias & Frances (Burford) Bow in Kanawha County, West Virginia

1947: Audra, age 70, wife of Charles Bow in Multnomah County, Oregon

Wednesday the 7th

1825: Walter, age 2 or 3, son of George & Frances (Bagg) Bowe

1938: Frank, age 78, son of Philander & Sarah (Perkins) Gates in Spokane, Washington

Thursday the 8th

1825: Zaccheus, age 63, son of Samuel & Desire (Candee) Stow

1862: William Holloway, age 53, husband of Abigail Stocking

Friday the 9th

1778: Thomas, age 11, son of Samuel & Desire (Candee) Stow in Middletown, Connecticut

1913: Eugene, age 48, son of Garrett & Samantha (Bow) Putnam in Sayre, Pennsylvania

1939: Sylvia (Taft) Ackerman, age 54, daughter of Charles & Esther (Bowe) Taft in Deer Lodge, Montana

Saturday the 10th

1882: Elizabeth (Corbin) Hocknell, age 50, daughter of Alanson & Eliza (Bowe) Corbin in Clayton, New York

1890: James, age 58, son of Seth & Hannah (Daniels) Bow in Middletown, Connecticut

1945: Grace (Harkness) Davies, age 70, daughter of John & Rosalie (Brownell) Harkness in Erie, Pennsylvania

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