BMDs for November 11 – 17


Sunday the 11th

1758: Mary daughter of Peleg & Mary (Woodard/Woodward) Bowe in Middletown, CT

1807: Obadiah son of Amos & Rebeckah (Etheridge) Bowe in Wells, VT

1865: Agnes daughter of Wallace & Emeline (Gates) Farnsworth in East Smithfield, PA

Monday the 12th

1758: Seth son of Alexander & Prudence (Roberts) Bowe in Middletown, CT

1780: Besty daughter of Isaac & Elizabeth (Lee) Bowe in Middletown, CT

1802: Horace son of Elijah & Elizabeth (Stowe) Bowe in CT

1850: Elbert son of Daniel & Lucy (Lord) Bowe in Orwell, OH

1850: Charles son of Cornelius & Mary (Kirk) Bowe in Kanawha County, WV

1898: Helen daughter of Charles & Anna (Helfinger) Bowe on Lowellville, OH

1935: Barbara daughter of Joseph & Grace (Bowe) Hanson in St. Louis County, MN

Tuesday the 13th

1788: Sarah Oakes in Buckingham County, VA. Future wife of Ozias Bowe.

1833: Julia Meade in Pittsylvania County, VA. Future wife of  William Lintecum.

1839: Helen daughter of Elijah & Sally (Lawton) Bow in Lyme, NY

1879: Ernest son of Henry & Mary (Bowe) Cornell in Norwalk, CT

Wednesday the 14th

1739: Thomas son of Ebenezer & Thankful (Bow) Cooper in Wallingford, CT

1793: Harry son of Joseph & Mary (Gilbert) Cornwall in New Lebanon, NY

1862: Edward son of Austin & Hannah (Chamberlain) Bowe in Meriden, CT

1930: Orrin son of Loring & Marion (Bow) Hammond in Wauwatosa, WI

Thursday the 15th

1826: Lydia daughter of Samuel & Lucy (Johnson) Morse on Riga, NY. Future wife of Orrin Bow.

1861: Clinton son of John & Adelia (Bowe) Vivian in Boonville, NY. (An accomplished architect and one of the first to use steel reinforced concrete.)

1881: Harley son of Jacob & Elizabeth (Kiefer) Williams in Pomeroy, IA. Future husband of Nina Bowe.

1911: Richard son of George & Delia (Langlois) Boudreau in SD. Future husband of Catherine Bowe.

1913: Herbert son of Arthur & Alberta (Walker) Bowe in Shellsburg, IA

Friday the 16th

1723: Jonathan son of Jonathan & Hannah (Gillet) Evarts in Guilford, CT. Future husband of Lucretia Parmelee.

1815: Esther daughter of William & Clarissa (Wales) Herrick in Le Roy, NY. Future wife of Daniel Bowe.

Saturday the 17th

1782: Joseph son of Isaac & Elizabeth (Lee) Bowe in Middletown, CT

1855: Catherine daughter of Patrick & Mary (Gaffney) Butler in Galena, Illinois. Future wife of William Bowe. (Her brother Pierce was a US Supreme Court Associate Justice.)

1910: Dorothy daughter of James & Norma (Burnes) Towles in VA. Future wife of Henry Boynton.

1921: Ruth daughter of Herbert & Fanny (Gaylord) Olmstead in Parkman, OH


Sunday the 11th

1772: Jerusha Norton & Lemuel Johnson in Middletown, CT

1848: Warren Fry & Frances Bowe in Lyme, NY

Monday the 12th


Tuesday the 13th

1864: Amanda Kyle & John Knox in Youngstown, OH

Wednesday the 14th

1867: Mary Slater & James Bowe in Kanawha County, WV

Thursday the 15th

1744: Samuel Bristol & Sybil Evarts in Guilford, CT

1849: Russell Mason & Mary Clark in Oneida County, NY

Friday the 16th


Saturday the 17th

1832: John Knox & Catherine Bow in Boardman, OH

1850: Wesley Graves & Sarah Bowe in Hastings, NY

1934: Joseph Hanson & Grace Bowe in St. Paul, MN


Sunday the 11th

1757: Mary, age 3 months, daughter of Stephen & Mary (Butler) Bow in Middletown, CT

1820: Frances, infant, daughter of George & Frances (Bagg) Bowe in West Springfield, MA

1886: Mary (Polly) Flint, age 71, daughter of Major & Abigail (Bowe) Polly in Portland, CT

1905: Julia (Notman) Bowe, age 56, wife of Henry Bowe

1944: John, age 23, son of Edward & Helen (Bowe) Erskine in Metz, France (KIA WWII)

1989: Arthur, age 100, son of John & Elizabeth (Bow) Donnan

Monday the 12th

1890: Leonard, age 3, son of Elbert & Mary (Phillips) Bow in Dakota County, MN

1997: Marjorie (Bowe) Holland, age 86, daughter of Vernon & Alice (Morse) Bowe in Rio de Janerio, Brazil

Tuesday the 13th

1898: Sarah (Field) Bristol, age 82, wife of Leverett Bristol in Guilford, CT

1984: Gilbert, age 70, son of Harry & Rachel (Mather) Bowe in Multnomah County, OR

1996: Hilda (Hellum) Bowe, age 83, wife of Herbert Bowe in Tehama County, CA

Wednesday the 14th

1810: Amasa, age 52, son of Elias & Susanna (Ives) Roberts in Canastota, NY

1939: Franklin, age 72, son of Russell & Alice (Stoddard) Bowe in Hereford, TX

1945: Lynn, age 53, son of Elbert & Mary (Phillips) Bowe in Elk River, MN

1992: Barbara (Rohrs) Lassiter, age 64, daughter of Alvin & Ida (Bowe) Rohrs in Orange County, CA

Thursday the 15th

1879: Helen, age 20, daughter of William & Lovina (Wood) Bow

1922: Emily (Bowe) Carnrike, age 72, daughter of Oliver & Thurza (Eaton) Bow in Norwich, NY

Friday the 16th

1859: Anson, age 76, son of Thomas & Hannah (Bowe) Alvord in Westford, WI

1954: Herbert, age 74, son of Russell & Meander (McElroy) Bowe in San Diego, CA

Saturday the 17th

1843: Cordelia, age 18, daughter of Abner & Waite (Lippett) Bowe

1848: Eunice (Green) Bowe, age 30, first wife of Seneca Bowe

1905: Eugenia (Bowe) Clark, age 71, daughter of Abner & Sally (Bissell) Bowe in Geneva, OH

1962: Joseph Kendis, age 81, third husband of Mabel Bowe in Cleveland, OH


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