BMDs for November 18th – 24th


Sunday the 18th

1706: Robert son of Shubael & Mary (Bow) Shelley in Guilford, CT

1800: Horace son of Seth & Rhoda (Elton) Dickinson in Lisle, NY. Future husband of Elisabeth Lewis.

1878: Charles son of Albert & Alice (Smith) Bowe in Trumbull County, OH

Monday the 19th

1797: Jonathan son of Jonathan & Abigail (Bow) Lewis in Middletown, CT

1848: Adelaide daughter of Leroy & Caroline (Eddy) Bowe in Otsego County, NY

1908: Grace West future wife of Norman Boynton

1916: Rita daughter of Guy & Mary (Rice) Taft in Heath, Alberta, Canada

1927: Carrie daughter of Edward & Inga (Lie) Severson in Dennison, MN. Future wife of Donald Bowe.

Tuesday the 20th

1869: Raymond son of Edgar & Mary (Bowe) Boynton in DuPage County, IL

1870: Henry Davies in PA. Future husband of Grace Harkness.

1871: Alice daughter of Russell & Meander (McElroy) Bowe in Shellsburg, IA

1925: Virginia daughter of Ellis & Lucille (Guertin) Egan in Chicago, IL

Wednesday the 21st

1917: Alice daughter of Edward & Mary (Foster) Ellingson in Opheim, MT. Future wife of Daniel Bowe.

Thursday the 22nd

1768: Elijah son of Alexander & Prudence (Roberts) Bow in Middletown, CT

1824: Wesley son of Azariah & Hannah (Fisher) Graves in West Pawlet, VT. Future husband of Sarah Bowe.

1915: Florence daughter of Vernon & Alice (Morse) Bowe in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Friday the 23rd

1867: Lena daughter of Henry & Frances (Carter) Bowe in Schoolcraft, MI

1902: Miriam daughter of Samuel & Elizabeth (Skelton) Bowman in Canton, OH. Future wife of Leon Bowe.

Saturday the 24th

1830: Augusta daughter of Daniel & Lucy (Holbrook) Bowe in Pittsfield, VT


Sunday the 18th

1756: Mary Butler & Stephen Bow in Middletown, CT

1802: Daniel Hill & Sally Alvord in Bristol, CT

1827: Hannah Daniels & Seth Bow in Middletown, CT (They both descendant from Alexander Bow and were 3rd cousins once removed)

Monday the 19th

1890: Mary Wilson & William Bow in Fowlerville, NY

1898: Fisher Quaintance & Ida Fuller in Crawford County, OH

Tuesday the 20th

1765: William Tryon & Phebe Bow in Glastonbury, CT

1820: Joel Durkee & Esther Bow in Pittsfield, VT

1901: Jessie Crosby & Frederick Ballard in Cass City, MI

Wednesday the 21st

1824: James Merrill & Emily Bowe in Wells, VT

1841: Anna Ballou & Sidney Cross in Niagara County, NY

1890: Ephraim Davis & Bertha Bowe in Dover, WI

Thursday the 22nd

1790: Hannah Kimberly & Ambrose Parmelee in Guilford, CT

Friday the 23rd

1769: Joseph Copley & Sarah Bowe in Middletown, CT

1803: Penely Lamb & Elisha Bowe in Middletown, CT

1842: Mariah Jerome & Oliver Bow in Portage County, OH

1881: Elihu Flower & Laura Mason in an unknown location

Saturday the 24th

1763: Anna Brewster & Seth Bow in Guilford, CT

1802: Eunice Cooley & Isaac Bowe in West Springfield, MA

1816: Hannah Slayton & Amos Bowe in Royalton, NY

1860: Dimmis Pierce & Dana Bowe in Dodge County, WI


Sunday the 18th

1961: Guy, age 84, son of Charles & Esther (Bowe) Taft in Terrace, British Columbia, Canada

1972: Loy, age 74, son of Elbert & Mary (Phillips) Bowe in Rice County, MN

1975: Edward, age 77, first husband of Helen Bowe in Lowellville, OH

2005: Herbert, age 92, son of Arthur & Alberta (Walker) Bowe in Stockton, CA

Monday the 19th

1893: Nancy (Skinner) Bowe Miller, age 86, in New Haven, CT. Wife of Obadiah Bowe.

1897: Henry, age 61, son of Daniel & Mary (Breese) Bowe in Schoolcraft, MI

1931: Willis, age 65, son of Oliver & Frances (Chase) Bowe in Marshalltown, IA

1933: Clyde Abbott, age 58, husband of Gertrude Bowe in Alameda County, CA

Tuesday the 20th

1865: Ruth (Jones) Bowe, age 45, wife of Jabez Bowe, in Ft. Wayne, IN

1867: Emeline (Smith) Bow, age 37, wife of Augustus Bow in Cheshire, CT

1868: Harry, age 75, son of Joseph & Molly (Gilbert) Cornwell in New Lebanon, NY

1896: William, age 42, son of Ralph & Mary (Dyer) Bowe in Chicago, IL

1942: Washington, age 84, son of Sidney & Anna (Ballou) Cross in Charlton, MA

1986: Rea, age 62, son of Ernest & Lucy (Bowe) Bousquet in Wilkie, Saskatchewan, Canada

1992: Daniel, age 81, son of Lucius & Agnes (Cleland) Bowe in Red Wing, MN. My grandfather.

2003: Clayton Christian, age 80, husband of Jane Bowe in Waterford, MN

Wednesday the 21st

1903: Augusta (Bowe) Gould, age 72, daughter of Daniel & Lucy (Holbrook) Bowe in St. Charles, MN

1909: Lucy (Bowe) Kime, age 26, daughter of Prosper & Jane (Boyer) Bowe in Watervliet, MI

1931: Watson, age 84, son of Allen & Harriet (Johnson) Bunnell in Bloomington, IL

1949: Sylvia (Taft) Hogan, age 40, daughter of Guy & Mary (Rice) Taft in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada

Thursday the 22nd

1923: Ada (Bebee) Bowe, age 50, wife of Clarence Bowe in Beadle County, SD

1933: Emaria (Bowe) Hagewood, age 70, daughter of Erastus & Eliza (Collins) Bowe in Neptune, TN

1954: Dean, age 45, son of Lucius & Agnes (Cleland) Bowe in the Mississippi River in Dakota County, MN

2015: James, age 85, son of Amos & Mildra (Lewis) Baldwin in Culbertson, MT

Friday the 23rd

1850: Rebekah (Etheridge) Bowe, age 76, second wife of Amos Bowe in Rupert, VT

1869: Enoch Cooper, age 79, husband of Emilia Bowe in Agawam, MA

1928: Samuel Gardner, age 87, husband of Clara Sanger, in Baldwin, KS

1951: Ida (Bowe) McKnight, age 81, daughter of Silas & Mary (Luther) Bowe in Ramsey County, MN

1955: Agnes (Cleland) Bowe, age 70, wife of Lucius Bowe, in Northfield, MN

1961: Ether (Hagewood) Monroe, age 76, daughter of Jesse & America (Bowe) Hagewood in San Antonio, TX

Saturday the 24th

1775: George Sexton, age 36, first husband of Elizabeth Bowe in Boston, MA

1880: Sally (Lawton) Bow, age 84, wife of Elijah Bowe in Benton Harbor, MI

1931: Mary (Whitney) Bowe, age 65, wife of Myron Bowe in Geneseo, NY

1998: Viola (Moore) Dissel, age 88, daughter of Albert & Grace (Brautigam) Moore in King County, WA

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