BMDs for November 25 – December 1


Sunday the 25th

1857: Wallace son of Austin & Hannah (Chamberlain) Bowe in Meriden, CT

1890: Edith daughter of John & Sarah (Bowe) Harper in Minneapolis, MN

1902: Carlton son of Arthur & Alberta (Walker) Bowe in Shellsburg, IA

1915: Irene daughter of Charles & Genevieve (Niesen) Taft in Cut Bank, MT

Monday the 26th


Tuesday the 27th

1747: Samuel son of Samuel & Jane (Talman) Dudley in Guilford, CT. Future husband of Hannah Evarts.

1825: Franklin son John & Sabrina (Case) Holmes in Stafford, CT. Future husband of Julia Bowe.

1860: Charles son of Austin & Hannah (Chamberlain) Bowe in Meriden, CT

Wednesday the 28th

1711: Samuel son of Thomas & Rebeckah (Bow) Stow in Middletown, CT

1830: George son of Sylvester & Emily (Downing) Ferry in Bethel, CT. Future husband of Virginia Green.

1906: Glenn son of Charles & Nancy (Thomas) Gilbert in Edgerton, KS. Future husband of Edith McCammon.

Thursday the 29th

1819: Laura daughter of Thomas & Mary (Doane) Alvord in Easton, PA

1883: Ralph son of William & Jane (Page) Bowe in Des Moines, IA

1911: Floyd son of Sevrenius & Hilda (Olson) Taft in Cut Bank, MT

Friday the 30th

1753: Hannah daughter of Edward & Elizabeth (Roberts) Bowe in Middletown, CT

1792: Elisabeth daughter of Charles & Lament (Bow) Pike in Middletown, CT

1810: Fanny daughter of Ebenezer & Mary Lewis in Montpelier, VT. Future wife of Peleg Bowe.

1923: J. Tom: son of William & Lillian (Combs) Wray in Linden, TX. Future husband of Jean Monroe.

Saturday the 1st

1874: Orra daughter of Romanzo & Lydia (Gates) Bowe in Benton County, IA

1879: Herbert son of Philo & Mary (Isham) Olmstead in Potsdam, NY

1909: Viola daughter of Albert & Grace (Brautigam) Moore in Detroit Beach, MI


Sunday the 25th

1810: Phebe Stanford & Abraham Bow in Pittsfield, MA

1825: Sabra (Strickland) Cornwall & Asa Bowe in Portland, CT

1854: Walter Cooper & Maria Bowe in Terre Haute, IN

Monday the 26th

1673: Rebeckah Hews & Alexander Bow in Middletown, CT

1767: Lucy Stone & Isaac Evarts in CT

1822: Daniel Tuttle & Sally Hill in Bristol, CT

1848: Mary Blodgett & Charles Bow in Watertown, NY

1902: Sarah Gordon & Robert Bow in Brooklyn, NY (Parents of actress Clara Bow)

Tuesday the 27th

1890: Willis Day & Fanny Bowe in Sandusky, OH

Wednesday the 28th

1751: Desire Candee & Samuel Stow in Middletown, CT

1821: Eliza Hitchcock & Oliver Bow in Troy, NY

1855: Lucille Tryon & William Bow in New York City, NY

1922: Margaret Stewart & Wallace Bowe in Tacoma, WA

Thursday the 29th

1853: Garrett Putnam & Samantha Bow in Hartwick, NY

Friday the 30th


Saturday the 1st

1899: Frances (Jones) Lint & Charles Bowe in Vinton, IA


Sunday the 25th

1882: Susan (Clark) Bowe, age 73, in Watervliet, MI

1954: Lewis Kimberley, age 64, location unknown

Monday the 26th

1819: William Ward, age 75, in Middlefield, CT

1919: Simeon Wood, age 97, in Woodville, NY. Husband of Parentha Bowe.

Tuesday the 27th

1755: Anna (Prior) Bowe Ward, age 59, in Middletown, CT

1856: Sarah (Bowe) Graves, age 23, in Oswego County, NY

Wednesday the 28th

1805: Priscilla (Payne) Bowe, age 41, in Rutland, VT. First wife of Amos Bowe.

1808: Abraham Bow, age 41, in Pittsfield, MA

1844: Rhoda (Tryon) Bow Robarts, age 69, in Trumbull County, OH. Wife of Abner Bow. (Her first male child by her second husband was named Abner Bow Robarts.)

1999: Helen (Boynton) Purcell, age 84, location unknown

Thursday the 29th

1946: Charles Cole, age 76, in Galesburg, IL

1988: Avis Taft, age 70, in Otter Tail County, MN

Friday the 30th

1855: Peleg Bowe, age 59, in Pittsfield, VT

1869: George Bow, age 4 months, in York, NY

1975: William Crawford, age 60, in Douglas County, OR. Second husband of Virginia Egan.

Saturday the 1st

1825: Betsey Bristol, age 7, in Guilford, CT

1837: Mary (Bow) Keeney, age 22, in York, NY

1843: Amos Bowe, age 75, in Wells, VT

1966: Helen (Bowe) Erskine Shivers, age 68, in Canton, OH

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