BMDs for December 2nd – 8th


Sunday the 2nd

1716: Mary daughter of William & Mary (Harris) Ward in Middletown, CT. Future wife of Samuel Stow.

1851: George son of Gideon & Abigail (Bowe) Thorp in Meriden, CT

1898: Dwight son of Stephen & Ida (Moles) Bowe in Kanawha County, WV

Monday the 3rd

1820: Margaret daughter of John & Sarah Aulger in NY. Future wife of Erastus Bowe.

Tuesday the 4th

1723: Nathaniel son of Nathaniel & Hannah (Allen) Gilbert in Middletown, CT. Future husband of Mary Butler.

1912: Dorothy daughter of Hazelton & Josephine (Barendreght) Bowe in Addy, WA.

Wednesday the 5th

1676: Mary daughter of Alexander & Rebeckah (Hughes) Bow in Middletown, CT

1825: Hiram son of Elihu & Charlotte (Palmer) Case in Bradford County, PA. Future husband of Eunice Harkness.

1919: Oletta daughter of Edward & Inga (Lie) Severson in Dennison, MN. Future wife of Francis Bowe.

Thursday the 6th

1738: Giles son of Edward & Phebe (Stow) Hamlin in Middletown, CT

Friday the 7th

1845: Charles son of Charles & Mary (Bowe) Ballard in Trumbull County, OH

Saturday the 8th

1782: Ruth daughter of Edward & Ruth (Hubbard) Bow in Thetford, VT

1793: Prosper son of Elijah & Elizabeth (Stowe) Bow in Middletown, CT

1818: Betsy daughter of Samuel & Sophronia (Doud) Bristol in Guilford, CT

1848: Louisa daughter of Lemuel & Ruth (Bailey) Church in OH. Future wife of Charles Ballard.

1881: Robert son of Frank & Patience (Bow) Clemens in Pavilion, NY

1898: Anna daughter of Russell & Mary (Weyer) Bowe in Cedar Rapids, IA


Sunday the 2nd

1855: Mary Coe & Allen Bowe

Monday the 3rd

1764: Joseph Clark & Phebe Stow

1913: James Underwood & Lydia (Carpenter) Townsend

Tuesday the 4th


Wednesday the 5th

1889: John Harper & Sarah Bowe

1894: Lucy Andrews & Wallace Bowe

Thursday the 6th

1874: Ellen Turley & Willis Bowe

Friday the 7th

1881: Alice Parker & Emery Bowe

Saturday the 8th

1814: Sophronia Doud & Samuel Bristol


Sunday the 2nd

1937: Laura (Mason) Flower, age 81, daughter of Russell & Mary (Clark) Mason in Scotia, NY

Monday the 3rd

1882: Oliver Smith, age 82, husband of Harriet (Bunnell) Smith

1954: Lucy (Andrews) Bowe Forbes, age 82, wife of Wallace Bowe in Southington, CT

1972: Ida (Bowe) Rohrs, age 68, daughter of Arthur & Alberta (Walker) Bowe in Orange County, CA

Tuesday the 4th

1684: Rebeckah (Hughes) Bow Forman, age about 26, second wife of Alexander Bow in Middletown, CT

1865: Mary (Thorp) Carpenter, age 29, daughter of Gideon & Abigail (Bowe) Thorp

1950: Vera Bowe, age 49, daughter of Albert & Jane (Evans) Bowe

1951: Caroline (Unknown) Bowe Decker, age 84, wife of Isaac Bow in Huntington, IN

1952: Maud Dauer, age 70, daughter of Francis & Luella (Clark) Dauer in Cleveland, OH

Wednesday the 5th

1838: Jared, age 1, son of Obadiah & Nancy (Skinner) Bowe in Middletown, CT

1906: Russell Mason, age 78, husband of Mary (Clark) Mason in Rupert, VT

1945: Linn, age 62, son of William & Sarah (Bowe) Carpenter

Thursday the 6th

1919: Lura (Miller) Bowe, age 51 or 52, wife of Willis Bowe in Marshalltown, IA

1922: John, age 64, son of Lysander & Elizabeth (McMartin) Bow in Lakeland, FL

1922: James Briggs, age 86, husband of Isabelle Bowe in Marquette County, WI

1956: Grace (Brautigam) Moore, age 79, wife of Bertram Moore in Seattle, WA

1983: Vernon Hoyt, age 76, husband of Alice McCammon in Bentonville, AR

Friday the 7th

1872: Elizabeth (Pike) Tryon Patten, age 80, daughter of Charles & Lament (Bow) Pike

1958: Helen (Anderson) Bowe, age 91, wife of Arthur Bowe in Dousman, WI

Saturday the 8th

1822: Mabel (Bowe) Starr, age 71, daughter of Edward & Elizabeth (Roberts) Bow

1850: Allen Bunnell, age 36, son of Allen & Clarissa (Alvord) Bunnell at sea on his way home from California

1867: Frank Bowe, age about 15, son of Augustus & Emeline (Smith) Bowe

1905: Rolinda (Cross) Adams, age 89, daughter of Daniel & Urania (Bowe) Cross in Santa Clara County, CA

1965: Genevieve (Niesen) Taft, age 76, wife of Charles Taft in Mille Lacs County, MN

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