BMDs for December 9th – 15th


Sunday the 9th

1855: Frederick son of Frederick and Sophia (Delunger) Wedekind in St. Louis, MO. Future husband of Melinda Bow.

1896: Hazel daughter of Milton and Alice (Bowe) Delano in Clarion, IA

Monday the 10th

1712: Samuel son of Shubael and Mary (Bow) Shelley in Barnstable, MA

1785: Mary daughter of Elisha and Patience (Bow) Bigelow probably in CT

1797: Enoch son of Enoch and Mary (Leonard) Cooper in West Springfield, MA. Future husband of Emilia Bowe.

1838: Silas son of Russell and Rachel (Hollister) Bowe in Trumbull County, OH

1867: Harriet daughter of John and Harriet (Bow) Cole in Wilmington, DE

1880: Joseph son of Joseph and Sarah Kendis in Cleveland, OH. Future husband of Mabel Bowe.

1917: Corinne daughter of Elbert and Hattie (Curtis) Bowe in Huron, SD

Tuesday the 11th

1723: Mary daughter of Edward and Anna (Prior) Bowe in Middletown, CT

1773: Allen son of Titus and Sibyl (Yale) Bunnell in Wallingford, CT. Future husband of Clarissa Alvord.

1776: Bela son of Levi and Anne (Hall) Bowe in Wells, VT

Wednesday the 12th

1729: Mary daughter of Daniel and Azubah (Long) Stow in Middletown, CT

1730: Ambrose son of Isaac and Elizabeth (Evarts) Parmelee in Guilford, CT

1882: Jessie daughter of Louis and Alcenath (Bowe) Burson in Schoolcraft, MI

1898: Jane daughter of Charles and Anna (Bow) Stewart in NY

1914: Aline daughter of William and Sarah (Crozier) Bow in Brooklyn, NY

Thursday the 13th

1832: Alba son of John and Clarissa (Cleveland) Sanger in Naples, NY. Future husband of Eunice Bowe.

1868: George son of Isaac and Sarah (Jones) Lenont in Northfield, MN. Future husband of Lucy Evans.

1945: Ashton son of Richard and Nancy (Stone) Bullard. Location unknown.

Friday the 14th

1895: Mae daughter of John and Karen (Olsen) Osen in MN. Future wife of Elwood Harper.

1906: Alice daughter of John and Alice (Ensign) McCammon in KS.

1914: Ashton son of Philip and Fanny (Boyle) Stone in Springfield, MA

Saturday the 15th

1748: Samuel son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Wright) Bow in Middletown, CT

1830: Frances daughter of Asa and Sabra (Strickland) Bowe in East Windsor Hill, CT

1830: Mary daughter of Asa and Sabra (Strickland) Bowe in East Windsor Hill, CT


Sunday the 9th

1846: Mary Wallace and Frederick Bowe. Location unknown.

1897: Howard Masterson and Edna B. Bowe in Los Angeles, CA

1938: Charles Parks and Edna J. Bowe in North Canaan, CT

1944: Ruth Williams and Ralph Carpenter in Susquehanna, PA

Monday the 10th


Tuesday the 11th

1844: John Cowles and Almira Bowe in Middletown, CT

1895: Arthur Leonard and Lillian Bow in Pleasant Valley, WI

Our genealogy program decided to crash so that’s all for now.  We’ll finish the weekly BMD post as soon as we get the program up and running again.

Wednesday the 12th


Thursday the 13th


Friday the 14th


Saturday the 15th



Sunday the 9th


Monday the 10th


Tuesday the 11th


Wednesday the 12th


Thursday the 13th


Friday the 14th


Saturday the 15th



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