From across the Atlantic to Massachusetts and on to Connecticut; 340 years after his death, Alexander has his very own website. Join us on a journey to discover Alexander’s life, the lives of his descendants, and you!

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Ernest Taft says:

    How nice you should take the time do this.
    It’s got to be a labor love.
    My Great grandmother was Esther R. Bowe.
    Conflicting stories as to where she is buried. When Great Uncle Ernest died(her son) he was buried in Crown Hill Cemetary at Cutbank, Montana.
    I asked mother why there as it was in the next county west of his homestead area. She said he wanted to be buried by his mother . My BIL research showed she was buried in Alberta Canada. Mother went with me to Crown Hill to locate the Graves as she remembered well where they were located. Most all the Crown Hill records were lost in a fire. Mother pointed out a spot where two unknowns were side by side thinking it was the spot. There were never head stones placed . It was my intention to do so. But it’s not certian with records gone as to where they are buried.

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