From across the Atlantic to Massachusetts and on to Connecticut; 340 years after his death, Alexander has his very own website. Join us on a journey to discover Alexander’s life, the lives of his descendants, and you!

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  1. Ernest Taft says:

    How nice you should take the time do this.
    It’s got to be a labor love.
    My Great grandmother was Esther R. Bowe.
    Conflicting stories as to where she is buried. When Great Uncle Ernest died(her son) he was buried in Crown Hill Cemetary at Cutbank, Montana.
    I asked mother why there as it was in the next county west of his homestead area. She said he wanted to be buried by his mother . My BIL research showed she was buried in Alberta Canada. Mother went with me to Crown Hill to locate the Graves as she remembered well where they were located. Most all the Crown Hill records were lost in a fire. Mother pointed out a spot where two unknowns were side by side thinking it was the spot. There were never head stones placed . It was my intention to do so. But it’s not certian with records gone as to where they are buried.

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  2. Wm Daniel Cooper says:

    THANK YOU for ALL your Hard Work and Dedication in bringing his “History to Light”

    Alexander Bow(e) is my 8th great grandfather from his marriage with Rebecca Hughes
    their daughter Rebecca Bow(e) [1679-1715] married Thomas Stow(e) Jr [1674-1765] their son Lt. Samuel Stow(e) [1711-1778] married 2nd, Desire Candee [1728-1821] their daughter Hannah Stowe [1752-1786] married John Dear [1757-1828] their daughter Ruth Dear [1781-1818] married Enos Richards [1781-1815] their daughter Lucretia Richards [1808-1860?] married Preserved Cooper [1807-1860?] their son Alexander Cooper [1831-1861] married Ann Catherine Fabricius [1836-1910] their son William Henry Cooper [1860-1917] married Margaret Cannon [1868-1922] their son William George Cooper [1894-1976] married Elfrida Griffin [1889-1980] their son [my father] William Daniel Cooper Sr [1921-2008] married Mary Schuyler Hammond [1927-2008] and then myself Wm Daniel Cooper [1953-living] I am not able to have children but my brother and two sisters are.

    “HIStory + HERstory = OURstory” [wdc 2001]

    Wm Daniel Cooper
    Oakland, CA


  3. Sharon Hunter says:

    Love the history of my family! Alexander is my 8th Great Grandfather. Fast forward 2020, my Mothers Maiden name is “Bow.” Our family tree traces back to Alex. But a bit confused where Samuel Bow comes in If Alex only had Girls. 🤔 Still looking. Thank you for the awesome information! A Bow descendent from Oregon


  4. Jerry Regan says:

    Ran into your comment on FamilySearch while researching one of my ancestry lines.
    Alexander appears to be my ninth great-grandfather thru Samuel to Edward to Edward to Elizabeth (Betsy) Bowe(?) to Benjamin Saxton to Mary Ann Hill to the Morehouse family. Hattie Georgiana Morehouse (Anna M Regan) was my father’s mother.
    I haven’t followed the Saxton/Bow line very far. Perhaps your information will be revealing.

    You have done a great deal of work. Congratulations!

    Happy Holidays!


  5. William Bow says:

    Fantastic site on Alexander Bow and his heirs; thank you very much for all the work! I came to this site over the weekend while searching (for 15 years I might add…) for the parents of my 3-great-grandfather, Edmund B. Bow (1794-1857). Having apparently solved the mystery, it quickly led me up to Alexander and your site. I’m curious whether you’ve compiled any DNA lines that might help me confirm my research?

    Again, thanks very much. I happen to be going to the Hartford area this weekend for other reasons, but I plan to spend a few hours in Middletown just for fun.

    Bill Bow


    • Elizabeth says:

      Nice to meet you Bill! Yes, we have several DNA confirmed branches. If you’d like to join a DNA study, this is the one to join: https://www.familytreedna.com/groups/bowes/dna-results. I’ve been researching the family since the 1990s and have an extensive database however I don’t have your Edmund B Bow. I’d love to know more him. Providing there is no non-parental event (NPE) I’ll be able confirm your research connecting you to Alexander. Please feel free to contact me directly at threegriffs “at” me “dot” com.


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