Friday Family: David Bow of Fayetteville, NC

David Bow6 is a son of Samuel5 (Peleg4, Alexander3, Samuel2, Alexander1) & Mary (Arnold) Bow.  He was most likely born between 1785 and 1805 in Middletown however there is no extant record. On April 1st, 1818 in Cumberland County, NC, he married Sophia Williams Hybert.  She was born in Canada to John and Mary (Williams) … Continue reading Friday Family: David Bow of Fayetteville, NC

Today’s BMD (Birth, Marriage, & Death)

1682: Daniel Deming in Middletown, CT to Johnathan & Sarah (Bow) Deming. See Daniel's baptismal record here courtesy of Godfrey Memorial Library. He is a grandson of Alexander & Sarah (Unknown) Bow. 1764: Allen Gilbert in Middletown, CT to Allen & Rebeckah (Butler) Gilbert and is a 2nd great grandson of Alexander & Rebeckah (Hughes) … Continue reading Today’s BMD (Birth, Marriage, & Death)