Austin Bowe of Meriden, CT

You know how sometimes while researching you go through all types of distractions? Well, that's what happened while researching the family of Austin E. Bowe.  We were all over the place researching, going down one lane then all of a sudden getting off track with no obvious explanation. What should have only taken … Continue reading Austin Bowe of Meriden, CT

Who is Alexander Bow’s first wife Sarah?

Many of us have asked: Who is Alexander Bow's first wife Sarah? The answer: We don't know. Most people use Unknown as a placeholder for her surname but we've also seen NLN (No Last Name) used.  Several years ago we had an online discussion with a lady who was adamant Sarah's surname was Nin (NLN … Continue reading Who is Alexander Bow’s first wife Sarah?

James Bow of Livingston Co., NY

Where in the Alexander Bow tree does James belong?  We have few details which include his three wives, his various occupations, decent census records, and his will but not much else.  From extant records we can surmise he was born circa 1812 in Massachusetts. In 1850 he is married to his second wife and is … Continue reading James Bow of Livingston Co., NY

Louisa (Bowe) Downs of Middlesex Co., CT

Louisa7 (Obadiah6, Amos5, Amos4, Samuel3, Samuel2, Alexander1) Bowe was born circa 1817 in Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut to Obadiah and Hester (Markham) Bowe.  She is probably their fifth and final child. On Monday the 17th of May 1847 Louisa married Derwin Deming Downs of West Troy, New York in Middletown where they remained for the … Continue reading Louisa (Bowe) Downs of Middlesex Co., CT

The husbands of Sarah (Bow) Deming Waterhouse

We've been ruminating on the life of Sarah Bow for several years.  Here's what we know: Sarah was born 20 Jun 1662 in Middletown to Alexander Bow and his first wife Sarah. In October 1674 we find her baptismal record: April 10th, 1681 finds Sarah (Bow) Demmon admitting to fornication with the man who is … Continue reading The husbands of Sarah (Bow) Deming Waterhouse

David Bow of Fayetteville, NC

David Bow6 is a son of Samuel5 (Peleg4, Alexander3, Samuel2, Alexander1) & Mary (Arnold) Bow.  He was most likely born between 1785 and 1805 in Middletown however there is no extant record. On April 1st, 1818 in Cumberland County, NC, he married Sophia Williams Hybert.  She was born in Canada to John and Mary (Williams) … Continue reading David Bow of Fayetteville, NC