Daniel Bowe of Oswego Co., NY

Where does Daniel Bowe of Hastings, Oswego Co., NY fit in?  Here’s what little we know:

From records we know he was born circa 1819 in Vermont, had two wives, one adopted daughter, and died in 1892.

The 1850 census shows him married to a young woman named Janie.

By 1860 he is married to Harriet W. Norton


No change in the 1870 census except he is now a farmer.  He owned the sawmill for about 15 years before selling out.

The 1875 census finds his adopted daughter, Dora, and mother-in-law, Mary (Unknown) Milikin Norton Hoyt, living with Daniel.

In 1880 there are three workers in his household: Franklin Wood, Jason Lane (Dora’s future husband), and Ida Pentel (her surname may be something else; enumerator’s handwriting is difficult to read).

In the 1892 census, only Daniel and Harriet are enumerated.

Daniel died on April 30, 1892.

His will, dated 1890, identifies only his wife Harriet.

Harriet died on April 28, 1900.

Who is Dorah Bowe?  She was born in Michigan circa 1865 with both parents born in New York. Is she a Bowe by blood?  If so, who are her parents?

Who are Daniel Bowe’s parents?  We have no definitive proof but our hunch is Titus Bowe, Sr. and his first wife Sarah (Clemmons) Bowe.  Both Titus Sr. and Titus Jr. lived in Hastings and the surrounding area at the same time.

If this is true, the Franklin Wood in the 1880 census is Daniel’s step-nephew via his brother Titus Jr’s wife Lucetta (Graves) Wood Bowe.

What do you think?

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