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  1. dbowemd says:

    the Middletown Triennial is in about 3 weeks. do you want to post something here? I am going and I should be copying the diary of Asa Bowe of East Windsor. I have not seen it in person but discovered its existence 3 years ago. It requires special advance request to be brought to the building (Ct Historical society). Oct 10 I am leaving Cleveland alone, so I have room for a roommate at the hotel.

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    • Elizabeth says:

      Sure wish I could but we’re headed to Texas on the 11th to await the birth of our first grandbaby. I’ll get there one of these years. Yes, I’ll put a blurb up about the triennial; do they have a new webpage since the RootsWeb outage? Will you do any research at the Boston Public Library? If so, I’d love a look up for the November 1658 Charlestown tax assessment and any obscure First Church of Charlestown records from inception to 1666.


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