Charles N. Bow of Watertown, NY

Who in the world is Charles N.Bow?

The first we read of the mysterious Charles is his marriage on November 26th, 1848 in Watertown, Jefferson County, New York to Mary A. Blodgett the daughter of Augustus & Elvira (Potter) Blodgett.

Charles is living and farming with his in-laws for the 1850 census.

Charles and Mary moved into their own home sometime during the next five years as the 1855 census finds them living between Mary’s parents and her maternal grandparents John & Lydia Potter.  Charles and Mary now have two children: Emma and Franklin.

Their third child, Charles Nelson Bow, was born the following year on July 28th in Buffalo, New York.

By 1860 Charles had taken up the new occupation of clothing merchant and moved into town.

Their daughter Fanny was born the following year.

Charles died on October 9th, 1861 in Watertown as seen in the New York Reformer Newspaper (Watertown, NY), October 11th, 1861 on page 2, column 6:

Charles died intestate so we have no will to help us identify his family.  Mary was initially named executrix in late October 1861 but the probate court replaced her with John Streeter in April 1862 as she was not paying the estate’s debts owed to a company in New York City.

Mary’s mother, Elvira (Potter) Blodgett died on July 7, 1870 in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois and her father, Gustavus Blodgett, died on May 22nd, 1888 also in Chicago.

What became of Mary (Blodgett) Bow after 1862 is unknown.

Emma married Thomas Martin in 1895 and does not appear to have had children.

Franklin married Annie Ramos on March 15th, 1878 in Chicago and had two children (Harry and Clara).

Charles married Lydia Monks on August 6th, 1878 in Benton Harbor, Berrien County, Michigan and had two children (Charles and John).

It is not known what became of Fanny after the June 1870 Chicago census when she was living with her grandparents, aunt Emma, and cousin Frederick.

So where do we think Charles N Bow fits in our family tree?  Some of the possibilities include:

a. Edward Bow & Peninah Baker (ties to Jefferson County, NY; not mentioned in Edward’s will)

b. Elijah Bow & Sally Lawton (ties to Jefferson County, NY, Erie County, NY, Berrien County, MI, and New York City)

c. William Bow & Phebe Nichols (ties to Livingston County, NY)

We love to know what you think.

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